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10. Information Security Symposium, Vienna 2014

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01 Angeregte Gespräche 02 Zahlreiches Fachpublikum

Lively Discussions


Numerous Visitors
 03 Eröffnung CIS-GF Erich Scheiber  04 Moderation durch Josef Broukal

Opening by CIS CEO Erich Scheiber


Moderator: TV Journalist Josef Broukal
 05 Auditorium im Kursalon 06 Hochkarätig besetztes Podium
Auditorium in the Historical “Kursalon“

High Quality Speakers


 07 Kurzvorstellung CIS  08 Branchen-Treffpunkt Security
 Presentation of CIS

 Meeting Place for Security Specialists


 09 Erfahrungsaustausch  10 Networking
Exchange of Experiences



 11 Info-Cube Bacher Systems 12 Info-Cube CIS

Info Cube of Bacher Systems


Info Cube of CIS
 13 Info-Cube CoreTec 14 Info-Cube Devoteam

Info Cube of CoreTec


Info Cube of Devoteam
 15 Info-Cube IPCom  16 Info-Cube Quality Austria

Info Cube of IPCom


Info Cube of Quality Austria
 17 Info-Cube Fortinet 18 Info-Cube isc

Info Cube of Fortinet


Info Cube of isc
 19 Info-Cube McAfee 20 Info-Cube quantstone

Info Cube of McAfee


Info Cube of quantstone
 21 Info-Cube Xsec 22 Informationsaustausch

Info Cube of Xsec


Expert Discussions
 23 ISO-Standards für die IT 24 Small Talk

ISO Standards for the IT Sector


Small Talk
 25 Strahlendes Juniwetter 26 Süßes Marketing

Bright Weather


Sweet Marketing


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